Tropical Storm ‘ME’ and Hurricane Preparedness

After seven (holy crap) years of living in Florida, I’ve learned to appreciate Hurricane Season for the bug-killing downpours and work delays it produces. Yes, it’s true that I haven’t personally experienced a bad hurricane since moving here. I did get the pleasure of enduring Tropical Storm Fay, who promptly parked her big behind right over our county and flooded it to bits for a week. At the time, I worked on the island and yeah, it was sort of impossible to get to – fun!

But anyway, when the list of 2013 Hurricane Names came out, I was STOKED to find that my name was at the top of the list! And not only that, but today, Tropical Storm Andrea is actually hitting Florida!

And people thought I would never amount to anything!
And people thought I would never amount to anything!

This is a pretty harmless storm right now, mainly bringing heavy rain and thunderstorms (basically a daily occurrence in Florida summer). It’s just been fun to get torrential rain and be teased about bringing bad weather today.

With the 2013 season kicking off early, it’s a wonder if this year I will finally experience a full-fledged Florida hurricane. But until then, I will sit back and enjoy my wrath.

Happy Hurricane Season!

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