[Calling Normandy] My Mass Effect Playlist

femshep3I am an emotional gamer. I feel deeply and I connect with characters on a pretty intense basis, especially when they’re written well. I love playing through a game franchise and continuing that experience when I’m not in front of the Xbox. When I’m really into a game series, I make a playlist to keep my emotional state in the right place – prolonging that joy I get from taking in a truly epic story.

While I was playing through the Mass Effect series, most of that emotional state involved how my Shepard’s relationship with Kaidan developed over the course of the three games, but it also deals with her fragility and how the constant war starts to affect her. This playlist represents my spacer, sole survivor, Paragon, Kaidan-shipping FemShepard. The game soundtracks are also stellar and I highly recommend listening to all of them, as well. So if you’d like to renew your feelings of post-Mass Effect torture, download this playlist and hit repeat. They’re categorized in the timeline of the game but work just as well on shuffle.




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  1. Stalking your blog because of the Frozen-Mass Effect parody song from Reddit and I just have to thank you for this list, ESPECIALLY since we have practically identical Shepard-lives… great choices and I’m having a blast listening to them all. 😀

    1. LOL! <3 I'm so glad you're enjoying the music. It really helped me "come down" from my post-ME3 depression. It's nice to find a fellow Shenko enthusiast. 🙂 Stalk away!

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