Working Out My Attitude, Not Just My Body

bb453wb-w484h484z1-33621-stay-on-the-internet“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” – Winston Churchill

It’s Friday, and that usually means thinking about my favorite FPS or fitness. Today it’s the latter as I reach the end of the eighth week of my pre-holiday MMA/weights training schedule. It’s been a fun two months of punching, kicking, and lifting, but I find myself nearing the finish line without the results I was looking for in this process.

With just three weeks to go, I’ve barely lost any weight (still holding on to that happy holiday and fun steroid weight gain) – a whole 7 pounds, which is pretty slow for me. It’s extremely frustrating considering I have an entire box of clothing waiting for me ever since 2011 when I was 30 pounds lighter and on a high from being a part-time fitness instructor. The weight came off so quickly then and I suppose I’m having a hard time realizing that I’m older now and it might not be coming off quite the same way. (I also really like beer now.)

But this morning when I got on the scale (after waking up feeling pretty decent about myself and seeing a higher-than-expected number), I realized that the most important part of this process is my attitude. I can bust my butt every single day and push hard; I can eat 100% clean and perfect, but if I have a negative outlook, nothing will change. So today I decided that I will no longer be looking at the scale because it’s an evil, lying POS designed to chain my emotional well-being to a number. Seriously, why did we ever think that was a good idea?

Instead, I am focusing on some positive strides I have made over the last two months! (And the fact that I’ve stopped accidentally punching myself in the face when busting out uppercuts … )

#1 : I made it through the Christmas holidays tracking all of my food and working out every single day – even Christmas and New Year’s!

#2 : I have strengthened my knee so much that I can complete all of my lunge work without popping, crying out, or requiring therapy. (For those not in the know, I have knee issues.)

#3 : I have biceps and “abs” again – sure, they’re wearing winter jackets of adipose, but they exist once more!

#4 : Some of my clothes fit better – despite what the scale says, most things are just comfier to wear. I’m still rocking that weird size 12-14 range that changes with every retailer, but my long-forgotten 10 jeans are within sight.

#5 : I’m waking up every single morning to exercise! I have only missed ONE workout on my entire 8-week schedule thus far, and only because I came home super late, exhausted, and a little sick, so victory points to me!

That’s some significant stuff in just two months. We are a culture of I WANT IT NOW, NOW, NOW! so the process of getting back, and it taking twice as long, can kill. But I am thrilled at what little changes I have accomplished, and the fact that once again, working out is a priority in my daily activity. The next piece of the puzzle is nailing down my nutrition and sticking to eating consistently and limiting that to clean foods. I used to rock my macros, but I’ve fallen out of love with that part.

Sad Andrea at 220 pounds back in 2003.
Sad Andrea at 220 pounds back in 2003.

The plan is to start focusing on clean foods and limiting alcohol to once a week to hopefully budge my pudge the opposite direction. We shall see what we can accomplish before the self-esteem destructathon that is convention season is upon us.

So cheers to Friday and making some life changes! Remember that it’s all about attitude – believe in yourself, focus on the positive, and remain confident in your ability to accomplish anything.

And when the going gets tough, just remember where you started and don’t get caught up on where you’ve been before – eyes forward, soldier!

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