Unleashing My Inner Tiger

Last week, Markus and I were on our way to a business meeting in Orlando. Our short drive turned into an almost hour-long adventure because of some unexpected traffic issues down the last main road. The more I braked, the more anxiety I began to feel as we rushed to attend a potentially business-changing meeting at our new location.

For me, the best solution for that kind of nervous tension is music so I asked Markus to pick out a “psych up” tune from his library. After a rousing version of “What Does The Fox Say?” (I take the fox sounds; he takes the main lyrics) and “Stonehenge” (If you haven’t seen Ylvis’ other music video, go watch it NOW), I began to loosen up but the traffic continued so I asked him to pick out another tune.

In a few minutes after he carefully scrolled through the hundreds of songs on his phone, I heard the familiar drum beat start up on my stereo.

dundundundundundundununununununununununununn ….”

My hands drummed along in tune on an invisible drum set that had appeared over my steering wheel and I began to sang my heart out to what I could argue is my favorite song of all time – “Eye of the Tiger.” There’s just something about the beat and the words that makes you want to run up a set of stairs and raise your arms in victory. After I was mostly through the first two verses of my loud, very physical karaoke version, Markus starts laughing and turns to me.

“Oh my God, have you seen the Supernatural video?”

I had no idea what he was talking about so he pulled up the video on his phone (we were in standstill traffic, people) and began to show me the most beautiful video of Dean Winchester from Supernatural, dancing, singing, and moving E-X-A-C-T-L-Y like I had just done to the same song. As I watched Dean mimic my fly moves (what I could do anyway from sitting strapped to the steering wheel) with a broad grin on my face, I felt an even greater sense of excitement. I was ready for the big meeting.

I turned to Markus and said casually, “I guess you married Dean Winchester.”

And for added enjoyment, someone tweeted me this pretty awesome video of “Eye of the Tiger” on a dot matrix printer because WHY NOT?!

2 Replies to “Unleashing My Inner Tiger”

  1. Hah!!!! I love that video so freaking much!! I’m only like 5? seasons into Supernatural, but I friggin’ love how ridiculous it is!

    Glad it got you pumped and less anxiety ridden! I get anxiety when I drive, mostly because in the span of two weeks I had two different people hit me, first in my car, and then in a car I was riding in, neither of which was my fault. So I felt like I had a target painted on me for a while! But I’m getting over it! 🙂


  2. I saw that Supernatural clip. Also being as my name is what it is and I came from where I came from, I have a deep connection to “eye of the tiger” if I hadn’t been in love with Dean Winchester before, I would have been after seeing that clip. I mean.. On the car! Dude..

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