Gone, but Not Forgotten

1660912_10101512567344867_8138556228651162168_nIt’s been a while. I just haven’t been myself lately and to be honest, it’s been a bit miserable at times. I think a big factor is that I haven’t worked out or written in quite some time. Both are vital to relieving stress and the emotional vomit that suffocates my thoughts on an hourly basis. When I don’t purge, it builds up, makes me ill, and … you probably get the picture.

I caught a pretty rotten flu bug at MegaCon (which was AWESOME by the way and I hope to write about that soon) that knocked me out and still isnt quite ready to leave. I’ve just been constantly tired and stress probably isn’t helping. I’ve sat down to write about so many things, but each time I find myself exhausted behind the keyboard and pass out in bed. It’s taken flying tens of thousands of feet above the ground, locked inside a metal tube with a hundred other passengers, coughing, crying, snoring, and yes – they’re farting, too. There’s also this one guy a few rows behind me who has in fact sneezed 20 times since I started writing this post. Seriously, is there a doctor on this ship? It’s times like these that make me grateful to not have a superseeing power because the rolling clouds of devious germs in the air would make me want to jump. Hopefully I would be the kind of hero who could fly, too.

Things have been a little rough lately. Part of me thinks I should only write about happy, positive stuff but then I realize that there are enough people who lie about themselves on the internet. I have problems. I have strong opinions. I suffer from bouts of depression. It’s extremely cathartic to be so open about it and I have received more support and kindness than anything. It’s really awesome to be reminded of the, well, awesome people in my life, because I sometimes forget or take them for granted. But back to the “things.”

1979474_10101512567359837_6433574006620345093_n Right now I’m flying to Seattle, via San Francisco. I’ve only been to the West Coast once in my life, back in 2011 in Los Angeles. They’ve forecasted rain every single day with temperatures in the 40s/50s and I’m pretty stoked to rock boots, leggings, and a rain jacket. Hey now, Florida is really only desirable four months out of the year and then we suffer through difficult summers of heat, humidity, and SO. MANY. BUGS. It’s nice to have a break! So back to the point, I’m flying out here with husband in tow to tour other geek venues in the area. I’m so excited to see these places, which I have obsessively stalked online for almost two years. Their owners have mentored me through this process and it has produced some pretty great guidance. We’re also hitting up Vancouver on Saturday, which means … I’M FINALLY GOING TO CANADA, GUYS!

Over the past six months, I have slowly become a giant Canadian fan girl. It’s all BioWare’s fault, really. My Mass Effect boyfriend Kaidan is the good ole Canadian poster boy. He’s from Vancouver and taught me the different foods of his people: “beef, bacon, and beer.” I am REALLY excited about crossing the border and if we have enough time, recording segments for my Mass Effect parody music video. Exciting!

10246538_10101512567399757_2538025825592769699_nBut excuse me while I very irritatingly glare at the jackass who just moved to the window seat in front of me and proceeded to put his chair so far back that it’s now 6 inches from my face. He keeps bouncing around, which is hitting my iPad. Did I mention he smells like moldy crackers? Can I please pour the rest of my ginger ale on him? Please?

I digress. I know this entry is getting seriously long so I’ll just add a few more short details with more later. Demolition has started on the bar interior (I own a bar, guys!) but there’s just some strenuous stuff going on in the background that I can’t divulge that is really testing my restraint. Needless to say, I should probably keep working out every day before I end up on the nightly news. Aside from forward progress on the bar, I also landed a part time gig in downtown Orlando. It’s a fun and creative atmosphere with lots of light, free coffee, and really awesome people. I’m helping them with social media for their coworking space, while also providing strategy guidance to the business tenants. It’s minimal part time, but it is really nice to get some sort of paycheck again and the creative environment has been incredibly good for my soul.

Well, I should probably get back to my ginger ale, which is now taking on the moldy cracker man scent. Only another 1.5 hours to go … Must concentrate on not peeing my pants because everyone is asleep in my row.

I really dislike flying.

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