Of Bars, Birthdays, and Blood Infections


Last Thursday (Gemini-Cancer cusp baby!) I turned 28, which means I’m two years closer to 30 and I also need to shut the fuck up about getting old because I’m still in my 20s (so you can save the comments now.)

Things have been insane lately! I opened my geek bar and it has consumed my life, but honestly, it’s fucking awesome. I have one day off each week, when I binge on television shows, video games, and the ability to be naked all day. It’s FANTASTIC. But every other day, I get to drive to the pub with my husband and work on our dream just a little bit more. We’re broke; we’re exhausted; and we have more laundry than teenagers, but it is so much fun. It’s really been amazing and we have an outstanding staff who have become family in less than a month.

Now when I last left you, Markus had thrown out his back and things were pretty rough. It was a very long week and thanks to a handful of chiropractor visits and religious icing practices, he is back on his feet! This was just in time since last Sunday (before my birthday) I started feeling ill and ended up sleeping on a couch at the pub during my entire shift. I went home with a fever and chills that wouldn’t leave for three days. Thankfully, Markus was around to take over in my absence and by Tuesday, we finally paid for the doctor. The doctor diagnosed me with a bacterial infection. I tested negative for strep, but was put on a mandatory antibiotic regiment that will finally finish this week.

But when your birthday is happening, you suck it up, down half a bottle of DayQuil, and celebrate. Several of our friends came out to the pub to play Cards Against Humanity and keep me company. I didn’t have to work the entire night and it was a really nice night, just enjoying the atmosphere of our place. I am a person who always needs to be on the go and doing something at work, so it’s really rare for me to just sit and play customer. (Spoiler: It was great!)

Speaking of the pub, we’ve had some pretty great responses lately. Aside from the keyboard commandos who send me absolutely wonderful emails every day about what I “need” to do, we have received a ton of support from the community, including some random press!

Also, randomly, my Mass Effect parody was published on The Mary Sue (!!!!!) over the weekend. When the writers from BioWare start tweeting you about it, you know it’s getting around. I’m not even ashamed to share it here because it’s the first time I’ve ever put a song parody out there and I am just so pleased with the response! I even found out that a group of cosplayers took my audio file and used it for their skit in a costume contest. I guess when people start taking your work, you’ve done something right!

Seriously need to shoot the music video!

Though my time is now short and my pile of video games is sadly growing in the corner, things are definitely exciting right now. I’m really looking forward to perfecting our processes  at the pub and working a few more things out before our grand opening next month. I may not be wealthy or thin right now, but I am happy in my marriage and being my own boss. I need to stay focused and hold on to the positive.

Yes, sir, I think 28 is going to be great.


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  1. Well, what a delightful blog! I love that you love your life and that you and Markus love each other. All of those think pretty girls that look down on anyone not meeting their standards will probably never know the joy you have created, not been handed on a silver platter, for yourself. It is easy to do great when all you had to do was go to school on someone else’s money and not work or live the country club life. You guys have worked ans scraped for every in he of your lives and that is why you will have the richest one of all. Keep being real and never forget that what someone looks like is never as important as what they act like and you guys act like the most beautiful people in the world.

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