Be Proud.

NeilWhoahI listened to an amazing podcast the other day from the Morning Coach series. In it, JB Glossinger talked about sharing the positivity and negativity in life. He encouraged “you” to tell the world when you were having a great success. This  is opposite to what I was taught growing up. “Stop showing off, Andrea,” my mom would politely intone as I displayed a theatre award from my school. I never had much self-confidence as a younger adult, but as I have come into my own in my 20s; I’m finally feeling like a confident, successful woman.

So I want to share with you some happiness, some positivity, and some success. I know in reading my own posts that I generally post about the pub I own or my weight/depression. When I feel down and start to tread the slippery slope of depression, I turn to writing to work through my negativity and receive reassurance from you guys. Even though only a few people read these blogs, the support I receive via comments, tweets, etc., is better than any medicine I could afford.

Back to the podcast, JB explained that we should be happy to share the success in our life – he described it as providing a light for others to follow out of the darkness. And then when we are in the darkness, we can follow that light from others. This really rang home for me. In my darkest times, it’s always an encouraging message from strangers that bring me back to even ground. I don’t think most people realize the power of just one tweet but when you’re struggling with depression and in “the low” – it’s hard to feel anything but encouraged when your phone lights up with a message full of love. <3

With that said, and in an effort to focus on positivity, here’s what I’m happy about RIGHT NOW! 

  • I’ve lost 5 pounds since #BecomingShepard – I’ve tracked daily on my FitBit, worked out, and stayed true to my nutrition, the occasional tater tot aside. I’ve also cut down on my alcohol consumption and haven’t skipped a single workout. 🙂
  • I own a geek pub at 28 years of age. I often have to be reminded that this isn’t a usual feat and rather something I should be proud of, so here it goes – I OWN A FUCKING PUB THAT’S AWESOME AND AWESOME GEEKS GET THEIR GEEK ON THERE! Sure, I have a lot of trolls and assholes in its wake but on the majority, I have a great group of regulars that make me happy to work long hours and a fantastic staff that I don’t mind sharing 90% of my life with each week.
  • I have really awesome friends. I have friends behind me from all corners of the globe who I’ve met just over the last year. They’re amazing geeks doing amazing things and I’m so honored to have their encouragement and love from afar.
  • My husband is pretty cool and let’s face it – that Star Lord costume is the sexiest. I’m very happy that despite being told this bar would ruin our marriage, we work together and love each other more than ever. Marry your best friend because if the friendship isn’t there, love has a harder time of overcoming the obstacles life dishes out.
  • I get to see all of my friends at GenCon in just a couple of weeks! I can’t help but be anything except excited at the prospect of all-night gaming, hugging friends I haven’t seen since last August, and meeting even more nerds like me.

Be proud and leave that smile on your face. Tell me what you’re happy about and share your success. I would love to hear it. 🙂

4 Replies to “Be Proud.”

  1. You rock!

    I freaking love it! This is exactly what the world needs. You keep rocking it and keep focusing on all those great things and more will keep coming. What you focus on expands, and we all need a pick up once in awhile.

    Thanks for picking me up today….


  2. Your attitude and writing is a source of inspiration for me. I’m so glad you guys showed up in my neighborhood. But you did forget to mention your singing abilities in your bullet points!

    1. <3 You're the best, Doug! Thank you for always lighting up my face when you come in. I feel so blessed that you randomly walked into our lives one day. :)

  3. Hey Andi,

    Thanks for mentioning what looks like an awesome podcast…I’m downloading an episode right now!

    And congrats on letting go of the past and sharing your success…I think this is something I need to try in a future blog post…

    And make sure you take lots of GenCon pics!


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