Just Stop It, Internet.


Because #Reasons
Because #Reasons

I’m over this place. (I would say no fucks are given, but this post is chock-full of them.)

The world has turned terrible in the last month. At least, it feels worse than usual. I know that social media has magnified every bad thing in any city on the planet, but from the bombings in Gaza, to the death of Robin Williams, to the horrendous acts of ISIS, and now the unrest here in Ferguson, my hope for humanity is at an all-time low.

Lately it’s hard to spend more than 5 minutes on the internet without tiptoeing onto the ledge of spiraling depression. It’s overwhelming and awful. Reading about all of the terrible things pisses me off, makes me sad, and seduces depression back into my daily mental equation. Sometimes, it’s just too much for me.

So when I spent a week with friends enjoying life, and tweeting about it, I didn’t expect to be reprimanded. I was asked why I didn’t care about the injustice in Ferguson, and why I felt it was more important to post “selfies with beer” than retweet police photos and dump ice water over my head.

First of all, fuck you.

Second of all, why the fuck is it so wrong to be positive? There is evil shit going on all over this planet, every single second of every single day. If we allow ourselves to be consumed by the negative shitload, then we will suffocate in misery and be no better off. Does this mean we should blissfully ignore it and go see Guardians of the Galaxy a third time? No, and yes.

There is nothing wrong with taking a moment to be thankful, appreciative, and happy. It is completely possible to be aware, pro-active, and still mindful of other matters.

As icing on the shit cake, today I watched as a gruesome video of what appears to be James Foley (another missing journalist) being beheaded spread across my news feed like wildfire. ISIS, which I only wish were as comedic and lovable as the Archer security group, uploaded the video to YouTube. They threatened our president with the death of another journalist – Steven Sotloff. If that sounded familiar for me, it’s because Steven and I went to the same college and wrote for the same student newspaper. Stephen has been missing for a year and now he’s been targeted in this terrorist video. I don’t know Stephen personally, but he is a real, tangible person whose name I saw when I worked at the paper – not just a face on a television screen.

If I think too hard on all of this, I won’t make it. So I will share jokes, puns, and pictures of things that make me happy in between my outrage and sadness. I can’t drown myself in the sorrow of the world, and I won’t apologize for it. I have to keep my head afloat. It doesn’t mean I’m apathetic or insensitive, it just means I am coping in the only way I know how.

So think twice the next time you lecture someone for sharing a photo you deem unimportant. They might be hurting in ways you cannot see from your keyboard.

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  1. Another well written post. Don’t let them get you down. The world is getting safer, conflicts are getting shorter and smaller, public health is getting better, friendships are getting stronger, and poverty is plummeting.

    But you would not know ANY of this watching the news or social media. It exists to illicit fear and to drive clicks, not to inform.

    Everyone who spends time researching the human condition is optimistic, giddy even, about the time we live in. I recommend this talk as a starter:

    You and Markus are doing your part in spreading joy, economic development, and local culture. Take pride in that.

    1. Hey Doug,

      Great comment…I’m going to be checking out that video!

      And Andi let me second the great message from Doug…the world is becoming a better place! And your awesome from the heart blogging is helping it!

      I know personally I watch very little news because of all the negative energy…it doesn’t mean I don’t really care about the state of the world…it just means I don’t care for the fear mongering that people call news these days…

      Hope you are feeling more optimistic today!

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