PressStartTurkeyIt’s Thanksgiving here today in America, which generally means a few things:

  1. Turkey. A giant bird has been ritually killed, frozen, possibly brined, then cooked again.
  2. Seriously, more food. Today is about seconds, thirds … fourths? Impressive.
  3. Football. I guess it’s some game where people throw a ball around and touch #butts.
  4. Family. It’s that time of year when you make nice around the dinner table, for better or worse.

It’s certainly been one heck of a year in the 365 days since Thanksgiving. Last year, Markus and I joined my side of the family. My sister was just recovering from a recent relapse and things were a bit awkward. My nephew was OBSESSED with Minecraft and cried when he couldn’t defeat some sort of arch spirit or whatever in a cave somewhere … I don’t exactly play, therefore understand, Minecraft.

The dog pack (5 of them) chased each other, ate turkey, and farted to their heart’s content. I remember wearing my Adventure Time leggings, and we all talked about what would become The Cloak & Blaster. Both of our families have always supported us, but when it came to us opening a geek bar, they were really nervous for us. We had countless conversations expressing our stubborn commitment to opening. I think at this point in time, we were still nervous about opening expenses but had just come off the high of a $34k Kickstarter campaign. We were closing in on our location and preparing to sign a lease.

In a year, we’ve not only signed a lease (though at a new location as the original one fell through just a week later) but we have a fully operational pub that has been open for six months.

Sometimes I have to force myself to sit back, shut up, and realize: HEY, ANDREA! YOU’RE 28 YEARS OLD AND YOU OWN A BUSINESS. A FUCKING GEEK BAR. YOU DID IT, DUDE!

So today I am extremely thankful for so much. I am thankful for a husband I see almost on a 24-7 basis. I am thankful we don’t want to kill each other, that he loves me more than I could ever ask for, and that he will always share a drink of his beer if I stare at him long enough (logic learned from my dogs.) I am thankful for a family that drives me absolutely insane, almost daily. I know that they won’t be around forever and I would much rather have hours of eye-rolling frustration than nothing at all. I am thankful that my nephew has outgrown Minecraft. You guys have no idea. I am thankful that my sister has remained sober, figured out a job, and is actively trying to figure out her life. I am thankful for so many friends and supporters who have helped us create this pub over the last year, who fill our daily lives with shenanigans and love. I love my crazy drunken regulars. <3

I am thankful for new friends all across the continent, and for Twitter for allowing that to happen. And I’m thankful that we are able to survive without working two jobs. We aren’t rich, and we aren’t well off, but we are existing off our dream and that’s really all anyone can ask.

Thank you to all of you who follow, comment, and share your stories with me. Having an online community of friends and supporters has been such a positive influence. Remember to be thankful and spread your happiness to others, even if it’s just a supportive tweet or a smile to a stranger. And if you’re shopping for Black Friday, duuuuude. Dude. Start on actual Friday.

Peace, love, and turkey boobs,


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