And then it hits you

I didn’t wake up like this. I was sleepy, sure, but I felt perfectly fine as I sipped on pre-workout and read through forum posts waiting to start our workout. I actually had a great workout, too. I felt awesome; I felt strong.

But then it hit me.

Sometimes it’s as if you’re strolling across a field and suddenly trip over a boulder you swear wasn’t there a moment earlier. You fall flat onto your face and the shock of it phases you for a few moments. You don’t really feel right the rest of the day.

But other times, it’s a slow crashing wave that washes over you. It starts slowly, then begins to consume you, body and mind. That familiar crush of emotion, pain, sadness – it’s all there waiting for you with open, scarred arms.
And in this moment, I realize I miss writing; I miss self-reflection; I miss writing songs; and I try not to allow my thoughts to linger so long on the past.

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