My Pathfinder Initiative: Month 2

Another month has flown by, and with it, I welcome the start of a brand new year. 2016 was full of so much despair; like a permanent grey cloud hanging low across the world. The energy of a new calendar year can be something truly powerful, and this year, I’m choosing to dig in and make 2017 better. Back on November 1, I started my Pathfinder Initiative to kick my butt into gear and focus on reclaiming my wellness. Now 60 days in, I can say it’s really working. I still have miles to go on improving some objectives, but overall I am feeling happier, stronger, and more confident.

And thank you to everyone reading who has personally encouraged me with your words, and inspired me further with your own stories of struggle. We can do this. We will be our best selves to take on what lies ahead.


 Mission Objective: Lose the weight. BE HEALTHY.

On Nov. 7, I started an at-home fitness program inspired by mixed martial arts called Core de Force. Now deep into round 2, it’s given me back my confidence and flexibility to exercise. I use the program’s suggested nutritional guidelines (based on macros and portions) to keep my days together, and I maintain one cheat day (Mondays) to prevent my insanity. So far, I’m down 13 pounds. I couldn’t be happier to have lost this weight, even if I didn’t make my initial 2017 goal (only 1.3 pounds away!) I’m feeling confident in clothing again, and overall just feel better about myself on a daily basis.

I’ll give myself a 9/10 because I’ve committed to working out every single day, even when I have 2 hours of sleep. I’m not getting the full 10 points because I need to learn to drink WAY more water, and WAY less iced tea.

Bonus XP: I still haven’t had a tater tot or french fry (Nov 1) and I think it’s helped a lot. I was able to stay on track through Christmas, and only gained a pound as a result. (Already lost it.) I’ve also almost completely cut out alcohol just because, so that’s a lot of calories I’m saving myself every week. 

renegon_logo_by_sailok-d3hv2ai Mission Objective: Clear the mental crap. BE POSITIVE!

Admittedly, I failed hard on this one. You see, I’m like a sponge that soaks up all of the vibes around me. If I’m being yelled at online, or dealing with depression, then I become it. It’s hard not to get caught up in negativity, especially this last month, and I haven’t done a stellar job of staying positive. I hadn’t completed my meditation (Headspace) trial when I started this entry, but with the help of my husband, I logged off mid-entry and got it taken care of for the final 10 minutes. Turns out, it’s really difficult to find 10 minutes when I can close my eyes in relative quiet without having to chase after two puppies or run a business. So, I completed day 10 just a few minutes ago and committed myself to Level 2 and an entire month of paid meditation.

If it looks like it just isn’t going to work for me, then I’ll re-evaluate next month. I know it helps tremendously when I haven’t gotten sleep the night before (it’s like a productive nap) so I’d like to nail this one down. I earn a 3/10 because I haven’t made it a priority.

Bonus XP: I have managed to choose positivity a few times this month, which has helped Markus and I through some stressful trials. I also chose positivity and focused on success for our biggest event of the year, which ended up being as successful as I willed it to be.


 Mission Objective: Better thyself, outside and in. BE CONFIDENT!

My skincare routine is going really well. Aside from the typical hormonal pimples that pop up every uterine liberation week, I have been rocking overall better skin. So far it seems Curology is working for me, and I’ve already ordered my second batch. I also have to say that while I was hesitant to give up makeup wipes for good, I haven’t missed them at all. The micellar water has been a fabulous change for me, and it’s helped my skin feel softer and more moisturized. If you haven’t checked it out already, I would highly recommend it.

And on the confidence front, having better skin and losing weight has naturally made me a little more confident. I’ve taken more pride in my appearance, and can fit into cuter clothes that make me feel happy. I’ve noticed a small change, and I look forward to building on that. I was just looking at photos of New Year’s Eve and I’m happy to report that I liked every single one of them. I have hated photos of me for the last year, so this is new and exciting. Giving myself an 8/10 for the solid effort.

Bonus XP: Yesterday, we met up with friends for a double-date and I didn’t wear a drop of makeup. That’s definitely a first. Bonus? My friend was shocked that I wasn’t at least wearing foundation. Yeah, that made me feel good.


 Mission Objective: Get things together. BE ORGANIZED!

Welp … December was incredibly stressful for us with the holidays and work. We pulled off our largest event ever on Saturday and it took weeks of preparation to get everything together. It was a monumental effort, and we were all over the place getting things ready (literally acquiring junk for the theme.) Because of it, our house, office, and car have been a disaster area.

The plan is to start working on the house, one piece at a time, so hopefully we get Christmas cleared away this week and can begin anew. One thing I’d really like to do is go through all of my clothing and let things go. The “Oh, I might wear that one day when I’ve lost more weight” or “I really loved this one outfit a few years ago and may need it again” excuses can’t be my daily mantra. It’s time to let go and focus on less. I wear the same outfits every week anyway. If I end up losing a ton of weight and need clothes that fit, I need to trust that the universe will help me obtain them.

As far as Habitica goes …. I’ve been slacking a lot this month. No excuses, just haven’t been it it. I’d like to change that. Grading wise, I’m giving myself a 2/10 because this really has been on the back-burner all month.

Bonus XP: Yesterday we utilized that fantastic first-of-the-year energy and cleaned the car. We ran it through the wash, vacuumed out everything we could, and finally bought a trashcan.


 Mission Objective: Exercise your talents. BE CREATIVE!

I’m going to give myself a 9/10 on this purely because I threw myself head-first into our Fallout-inspired event and fucking nailed it. I had a vision, translated the logistics to my engineering husband, and together, we made it happen. I spent hours making creative signs, trashy newspaper, weathered cans, etc. I designed posters to hang around town to advertise. I really put the effort into theming everything out, and I had an amazing time doing it. I also rebranded my blog this month and devised some creative Christmas gifts in lieu of spending money. Planning events like this is exhausting, sure, but it’s basically a sexual experience for my creative side.

Bonus XP: For our Fallout party, I created a Desdemona costume and got to experiment with various RIT dyes and weathering techniques to pull it together. It’s the first full costume I’ve done in quite a while, and I loved the final result!


 Mission Score: 31 / 50

That’s 11 points higher than my first month! Though initially disappointed by the number, I can now look back and see that I’ve made a vast improvement in 30 days, and there’s still plenty of time to improve. Looking forward to February’s entry and where I’ll go from here. Thank you again for sticking with me, and supporting me with your encouragement. I really, truly appreciate it.

Cheers to positive, forward movement. Shepard out.

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  1. I loved your post for month 2! It made me happy and proud but also inspired to never give up. You are an amazing young woman.

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