I sit here, legs curled into one another, and eyes still adjusting to light. It’s 10:30, and I am wide awake. It’s the rain. I open the door to assist the dogs in their first freedom of the day, as I accompany them onto the back porch.

I think at first I am alone, but then the slow pace of casual raindrops quickens, and within moments, I am surrounded by the echoing hum of a downpour.

We have needed rain so badly here in Florida. Drought conditions have caused hundreds of wildfires, road shutdowns, and watering restrictions. The wildlife suffers along with us, and even the snakes are invading homes in the hopes of finding water.

Florida has always been wet, and a few years ago, you could time the afternoon thunderstorms to the hour. As the world changes, and time passes, the climate here has transitioned and our cold winter month is now only a few days. But rain, rain is something that is a constant in this pseudo-tropical climate, so when we miss out on nearly 11 inches of expected rainfall, it’s fairly damaging to the area.

But this morning, it’s raining. The rain is falling so hard from the clouds above us that the forest is shaking with delight.

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