Well, I’m home.

I know that feel, bro.
I know that feel, bro.

After roughly 2,500 miles, four breweries, and 36 hours of driving, we are finally there and back again from GenCon.

I have so many things I want to share before I forget them and get swept back up into the hectic bar life, but I am too exhausted from the sheer magnitude of the last nine days. I was able to significantly recharge both my physical and emotional batteries thanks to good friends, new ones, and some much-needed quality time with Markus. GenCon continues to be one of the top highlights of my year, and to date, my favorite con in existence. I can’t wait to decompress and upload photos.

Tomorrow, we’re enjoying a rare day off with my family, and then hopefully beginning to comb through the stacks of games, and piles of clothes from the journey.

Confession: If I can get everything unpacked and put away before the end of the month, then that will be a new record.

#FLtoGenCon : 32 Hours of Commuting

Because we’re crazy, Markus andI decided to drive to GenCon – the greatest four days in gaming! It’s a 12-hour journey to our friend’s house in Nashville, and then just another 4 or so hours to Indianapolis. We tried to keep up with tweets along the way (don’t worry – we were passengers when we tweeted) using the hashtag #FLtoGenCon. At one point, I even started a trivia game with other GenCon travelers. If you missed the journey, here it is. Next year, we’ll use the hashtag more.

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Growing Up GenCon


My hands are clammy and continue to tug at the bottom of my skirt. It took me four weeks and seven stores before I found a skirt that even roughly matched those suitable for a day of class. My wool sweater stifled me in the heat of the convention, no doubt worsened by my nervousness, and the white Oxford shirt scratched beneath. Why did I decide to wear this in the summer heat of Indianapolis? I had just spent an hour attempting to hand-stitch my Ravenclaw patch onto the just-arrived-from-the-internet robes, but ended up safety pinning it to the black cloth before leaving the room. Continue reading “Growing Up GenCon”

Attack of the Con Crud

It’s like some sort of super phlegm.

I really pride myself on my ability to stay healthy when I’m on my regular schedule at home. I exercise every morning; I eat healthy 5-6 days out of the week, and I get plenty of sleep every night. But at a convention, all of that changes. I’m thrown onto an airplane, which is basically a giant test tube festering with germs and viruses from all over. You sit there while the germy air circulates for an hour or two – more than enough time for it to fight its way past your immune defenses.

On top of initially flying to the convention, there’s the PEOPLE. GenCon had a record-setting attendance of 49,000 people. That’s a CRAP TON of people for me (I don’t go to SDCC) and at least 10%, if not more, come to the con already sick. Add to that the handshakes, the handling of merchandise, doors, handles – it’s just a giant germ fest. God, I’m creeping myself out here.

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