The Guardians of the Galaxy Screening!

10489856_10101702398471767_6126923288228522261_nYesterday I had the awesome opportunity to attend a special screening of the new Guardians of the Galaxy flick, thanks to the lovely people at Disney Parks Blog. This is our second DPB meet up ( the first for the Monstrous Summer 24-hour Disney party.) If you haven’t applied for one of their events, you should keep an eye out because they’re wonderful. We closed down the pub Saturday night so we were running on four hours of sleep when we arrived at Downtown Disney to check out the film. Markus was very happy to debut his Star Lord costume for the first time, and I got to wear one of my punny GotG reference shirts. I was a little too tired to venture into my Rocket Raccoon costume so that’s saved for GenCon in a few weeks.

When we got to the theater, the Disney Parks Blog team did a great job of making everyone feel awesome with free popcorn and drink tickets, and limited-edition 3D glasses. The glasses, themed after the different characters from the film, are really solid and comfortable. They’re meant to be kept! After obtaining our wristbands, we stopped for photos in front of the large cardboard movie poster. Markus was pulled away for pictures with fellow attendees and the media staff. It was really fun seeing all of hard work pay off as I watched (and swooned) from the sidelines. The blog team had cute costumes as well, including this awesome AWESOME MIX VOL 1 tape costume. Continue reading “The Guardians of the Galaxy Screening!”

Jolie Stuns in New Maleficent Trailer

If you watched the Grammy’s last night, you might have caught the new Maleficent teaser trailer, which is basically a minute and a half of Angelina Jolie demonstrating how she was born to play one of Disney’s most notorious villains. 

The teaser shows us a little more about the world behind the film, and it is the perfect marriage of gorgeous visuals and Disney magic. Paired with a hauntingly beautiful rendition of “Once Upon a Dream,” this trailer has guaranteed my seat at the theater.

What do you guys think?

My Love of Disney and “Saving Mr. Banks”

Disney Vacation, 1992
Disney Vacation, 1992

I have always loved the world of Disney. I remember fondly when my mother went above and beyond decorating my new bedroom (we had just moved across the country and I was recovering from childhood asthma and a few months living in a hotel while we searched for a house) with Minnie Mouse bedding and wall stickers. It brought me such delight to be greeted by Minnie Mouse – something I still cherish in my late 20’s. I still have my Lion King personal diary where I scrawled my super-secret thoughts of the early 90s and I spent entirely too much time trying to beat the game on my Sega Genesis.

My first visit to Disney World was at the age of 6, a seemingly common time for Midwestern families to make the pilgrimage to Orlando, Florida for the theme park vacation. I remember being blown away by both Disney World and Universal Studios (so literally that I peed my pants on the King Kong ride; I’m not entirely upset by its disappearance.) I remember walking around Toontown and seeing Minnie Mouse’s house and mailbox – I was in heaven.

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