Dragon Age: Why You Should Be A Fan of the Franchise

This fall, BioWare is releasing the highly anticipated third game in the Dragon Age franchise.

imagesWhat’s Dragon Age, you say?

Shut the front door. Seriously, drop whatever you’re multi-tasking right now and let’s talk business because if you haven’t heard about this franchise yet, then it’s time you received a little geek-ucation. If you’re into Skyrim or The Lord of the Rings, then you will probably enjoy playing these games. And lucky you, the (hopefully) best one of the bunch is coming out in just a few months so you don’t have to wait years in between like others.

About a year ago, I found myself with a lot of time on my hands. I decided that since I hadn’t had free time in pretty much the last three years that I was going to enjoy my new schedule and veg out with a video game just like those glorious days in high school and college. Enter Dragon Age: Origins. My husband first played DA:O when it came out in 2009. I remember seeing it advertised at GenCon but I just didn’t like what I saw of the game when he played. So when I found myself glancing over the game titles on the shelf, my hand stopped over Dragon Age and I decided to give it a try. After all, I love high fantasy and anything that involves me playing a girl who can kick ass and fall in love – well hey, I’m there.

The best way to explain my Dragon Age experience is consuming. Now that I’ve played through Mass Effect, I can safely say it’s not as life-altering, but it had me hung up for quite a long time after playing. I wanted to play for 60 hours straight, over and over again. If you haven’t picked up Dragon Age: Origins yet, then you need to get your butt to the game store and do it. It’s not expensive and it will be a really fun experience.

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[Calling Normandy] My Mass Effect Playlist

femshep3I am an emotional gamer. I feel deeply and I connect with characters on a pretty intense basis, especially when they’re written well. I love playing through a game franchise and continuing that experience when I’m not in front of the Xbox. When I’m really into a game series, I make a playlist to keep my emotional state in the right place – prolonging that joy I get from taking in a truly epic story.

While I was playing through the Mass Effect series, most of that emotional state involved how my Shepard’s relationship with Kaidan developed over the course of the three games, but it also deals with her fragility and how the constant war starts to affect her. This playlist represents my spacer, sole survivor, Paragon, Kaidan-shipping FemShepard. The game soundtracks are also stellar and I highly recommend listening to all of them, as well. So if you’d like to renew your feelings of post-Mass Effect torture, download this playlist and hit repeat. They’re categorized in the timeline of the game but work just as well on shuffle.

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[Spoilers] Bioware’s Massive Effect on Me

 photo Kaidan1-2.gif
Take all the feels, mix 3 parts feeling & 1 part feel, explode, and top with a feel. Serve cold and you have the Mass Effect. Guaranteed to feel awful the next morning, and day, and weeks …

This post contains spoilers on the overall storyline. You have been warned.

Almost two months ago, I embarked on the journey that is Bioware’s Mass Effect franchise. My husband played Mass Effect 3 when it first came out, so I had heard of it. I even remember reading the ending just out of curiosity and not feeling particularly intrigued one way or the other. (Thank goodness my memory had mind-dumped that part!)

Despite loving Star Wars, I have always preferred fantasy based games over sci-fi ones so I didn’t think I would enjoy this at all. Aliens? BoringBut then Black Milk came out with their Mass Effect clothing line and I had to justify owning a pair of N7 leggings because #reasons.

[Editor’s Note: I had no idea about any spoilers for the three games and I am completely appreciative of my social networks for keeping everything secret until I experienced it.]

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