Working Out My Attitude, Not Just My Body

bb453wb-w484h484z1-33621-stay-on-the-internet“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” – Winston Churchill

It’s Friday, and that usually means thinking about my favorite FPS or fitness. Today it’s the latter as I reach the end of the eighth week of my pre-holiday MMA/weights training schedule. It’s been a fun two months of punching, kicking, and lifting, but I find myself nearing the finish line without the results I was looking for in this process.

With just three weeks to go, I’ve barely lost any weight (still holding on to that happy holiday and fun steroid weight gain) – a whole 7 pounds, which is pretty slow for me. It’s extremely frustrating considering I have an entire box of clothing waiting for me ever since 2011 when I was 30 pounds lighter and on a high from being a part-time fitness instructor. The weight came off so quickly then and I suppose I’m having a hard time realizing that I’m older now and it might not be coming off quite the same way. (I also really like beer now.) Continue reading “Working Out My Attitude, Not Just My Body”