The Gender Agenda

My inner 12 year old is screaming right now.
My inner 12 year old is squealing with joy right now.

I remember being treated to McDonald’s as a kid after school or on the weekend because at the time, fast food wasn’t as terrifyingly unhealthy for you like today. Trans fat for everyone, baby! Gimme dat Happy Meal.

It was the best meal ever because not only did I get french fries (and seriously, FYEAH FRENCH FRIES, AM I RIGHT?), but I got a freaking toy, too! We would drive up in our rad Aerostar van and my parents would let me order, which made me feel like a total grown-up and resulted in me beaming at them for instilling so much responsibility in me. It was kind of a big deal. But the absolute best part was the TOY. When we pulled up to the speaker, I would squint and strain my eyes in order to see which awesome toy collection they were currently carrying. I remember being particularly obsessed with the Barbies and the mini Beanie Babies. I wasn’t really into toy cars, so I never cared for the Hot Wheels collection. But in all honesty, I never remember thinking one way or the other about ordering the “boy” toys instead of the “girl” ones. It never occurred to me that I couldn’t have the former, but they just weren’t as cool as the girl ones (in my 12-year-old opinion.) Continue reading “The Gender Agenda”